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The Green Program
Hatnua, or “The Movement,” is a new political party, established Tzipi Livni, Israel’s former Foreign Minister and the most prominent centrist leader in Israel’s political scene.  Beyond relying on Livni’s personal integrity and reputation as an honest politician and effective international diplomat, the party embraces a broad agenda, which promises to make Israel a country that embraces liberal and Zionist values.


Tzipi Livni and Hatnua will revive the peace process and renew the hope of reaching a lasting accord with Israel's neighbors, because a two-state Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement constitutes a security, economic, social, environmental and ethnical need and because it is a necessary condition for Israel’s security, prosperity and stability as both a Jewish and democratic state.

Social Justice
Tzipi Livni and Hatnua have a broad social agenda formulated by Amir Peretz, the past Labor Party chair and Israel’s leading political figure associated with social justice. The party’s “Iron Dome for Social Justice” will reduce the social inequities in society and restore equality of opportunity to the country.  The party has prepared a Basic Law for Social Rights designed to change the constitutional balance on issues of social justice. In addition, specific initiatives like increased minimum wage, a new public housing program and differential “value added tax” will reduce the gaps between “haves and have-nots” in Israel. By cancelling existing subsidies for West Bank settlements and ultra-Orthodox sectoral interests while increasing the fees charged for the mining of natural resources, new domestic priorities will make Israel a more just and egalitarian society.

Environmental Protection

Israel faces an ecological crisis, with high air and water pollution, loss of open spaces, and decimation of national resources. Israel's Green Movement, the country's green party, has joined forces with Hatnua, and together they are leading an ambitious agenda of sustainability and restoration. Prof. Alon Tal, chair of the Israel Green Movement, has introduced a 25-point green program, which is now an integral part of Hatnua’s platform.  It includes the immediate establishment of 1 million dunams of open spaces of nature reserves, national energy targets of 20% renewable sources by 2020, transferring allocations in the transportation allocations from highways to public transportation and an emergency air pollution and a program to improve the protection of animals in Israel.  The Tnua offers hope for improved quality of life for all.
Military/National/Community Service for All
Hatnua is committed to changing the present system, which grants exemptions to a growing number of 18 year olds from national service. In Israel the ‘Sucker’s Tent” -- the national movement to require equal burden of service for all have -- joined the party's Knesset list as candidates.  The Tnua believes that integration of all citizens into the military and the workforce constitutes a social and economic imperative.


Religious Pluralism
Israel’s Declaration of Independence calls for freedom of conscience, but for many years the Orthodox hegemony has become increasingly oppressive for large segments of society.  Matters of personal lifestyle and life cycle events such as marriage and burial are overseen by a religious establishment, which does not accommodate different perspectives.  Hatnua seeks to reestablish Israel as a free society respectful of different approaches to Jewish life and offering equal support to all streams in Judaism.


For Israelis who seek a country that embraces harmony and respect as opposed to polarization; a peace process rather than intransigence, and hope rather than despair – Hatnua constitutes a new political development whose time has come.




For more information or to volunteer, please contact Mirla at -03-771-4386 or Susann at scodish@012.net.il
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